The Joe Brolly tries to score thread

Just a question.

Mickey Harte never cheated on his wife.

Is somebody here a neighbour of this woman? I doubt you’ll get a satisfactory answer, is it her health you’re enquiring after?


Your eagerness to change the subject suggests that you are uncomfortable with the contents of Joe’s article

Joe has nailed the rape apologist Harte in that article.


Or maybe Brolly is a lesser man than Harte and should think about getting off his soap box.

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Soap box vs pulpit


Brilliant article. Joe spot on as usual.


Maybe if he shaved and had a shower…

What happens in Lough Derg…


Stays in…

Sure even Brolly’s team mates know how toxic he is. Scullion and Barton have both calledjim out as a Spoofer in the past who is afraid to walk the walk. He got called out by an Antrim player lately on more lies. He will never change, a typical Derry snake.


It was funny though… The bit about the three tyrone lads acting all hard while there’s a goal going in. I chuckled at that.

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Joe Brolly never character witnessed for a rapist

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Donal og did

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Defect deflect deflect

Neither did Mickey Harte.

Incorrect, Harte got the local rapist a lighter sentence.

I don’t see anything about rape there.