The Joe Brolly tries to score thread

Hiding behind semantics now.

He gave a sexual predator who threw a semi-naked woman out of a van a character reference.

Nothing to do with semantics. The allegation was a false one.

Mickey, the sex attacker’s buddy.

Nothing to say that they were friends.

You and the truth are like oil and water.

Mickey ensured a violent sexual predator got a lighter sentence. He is a vile individual.

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He didn’t ensure anything.

He was not the person who handed out the sentence.

Yet again more ignorance from you.

Read the article, the judge took Mickey’s character reference into account. The scumbag got a lighter sentence because Mickey gave him a character reference. Pay attention to this part…

The woman will now seek to get the jail term handed to McCusker increased. McCusker had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the woman on June 28, 2010 and also to assaulting her by throwing her out of a van in a semi-naked state, as well as motoring offences.

Judge Piers Grant explained in court that the legal guidelines for these type of offences were between one and four years.

He then outlined a number of mitigating factors that led him to the sentence he imposed. Among these were references supplied by Mickey Harte,

So your issue is with the judge and judicial system.

Thanks for clarifying.

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Nope, my issue is with Mickey Harte for giving this scumbag a character reference.

Your issue seems to be with the judge and judicial system that allows character references to impact on sentencing.

No, my issue is with Harte.

What was Harte’s relationship to the rapist?

What rapist?

Your issue seems to be the sentence which the judge decides on.

Wow…he has given statements for more than one rapist? WTF?

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He hasn’t.

Didn’t Harte stop talking to RTE because he thought they were insensitive to his daughters death? Did he not think backing up a rapist was insensitive to the victim? Is Mickey a hypocrite?

It’s not, you dozy cunt.

He never backed a rapist so I wouldn’t get your hopes up that he will back you.

It does but you’re not intelligent to realise it.

It’s really about time you enlisted the special needs you require.