The Joe Brolly tries to score thread

I hope I didn’t start anything here.

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What was the rapist to Harte that he gave him such a glowing reference?

I’m criticising Mickey Harte for giving a violent sexual predator a character reference.

You can only deflect from this.

I’m telling you that you’re wasting your time. Mickey Harte does not defend rapists.

This cunt.

That’s a backtrack.

Not a rapist.

It’s not, your deflection is laughable.

Why does Mickey defend violent sexual predators?

It is. Its completely different to your initial accusations which you have been forced to back down from.

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No it’s not, you are refusing to deal with the issue and instead deflecting.

Everyone knows Harte got the sex attacker a lighter sentence.


You changed your tune

Surprise, surprise, here comes Smithers to try and bail his master out. :laughing:

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No idea

Oh he did

It’s a matter of record.

God no.

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I think @Cicero_Dandi is merely making a technical distinction between the crime of rape and whatever the man was found guilty of.

Can you tell me the relationship between Harte and the beast?

Why do you defend a drug running paedophile ring family?