The Joe Brolly tries to score thread

It’s not. You’ve made it up.

I don’t
Now answer the question

I have no idea what their connection is.

You do.

I presume they are life long friends. You wouldn’t give a reference for a beast like that lightly… Very hypocritical of the man to stop talking to RTE citing insensitivity tho.

Can you show me where? Didn’t think so

I have done so before. It’s well noted on here. I commented on it during the week. It was your latest episode.

Lash it up there you bullshitter, you were bullshitting during the week as well, you have no morals, just like your hero the defender of violent sex predators


Disgusting post.

Ok I had a question about the Tyrone team but my post has offended @balbec so I’ve deleted it.

You’re an awful ape.

You defended a drug pushing paedophile ring family you bullshitter.

I’m challenging you to post up where I defended the drug smuggling or paedophilia, I will most definitely leave the forum if I defended a paedophile

So you deny defending the Allen family?

I don’t know where you’re going with this so stick it up for me

I’ll ask again.

Do you deny defending the Allen family?

I don’t have a clue what you are getting at, please put some evidence up, I assume you have something and you’re not just making this up, which would be weird

Can you please answer the question.

Have you or have you not defended the Allen family on here?

Yes or no?