The Joe Brolly tries to score thread

Ye wouldn’t mind but the other cunts were losing

We’ve reached peak McGuinness

That’s Simpsons school disco football.

I read today’s Sindo interview Kimmage did with Seán Cavanagh (I found the link on my twitter timeline rather than on my parents’ coffee table) and a mention Cavanagh made of Brolly amused me and made me think the latter is an unhinged weirdo.

It was an Irish Daily Star Sports Awards night in 2013 and the first time they were in the same wider company after Brolly lambasted him “as a man” for dragging down Conor McManus earlier that year.

Cavanagh and McManus were chatting at the bar and the two of them noticed Brolly creeping up towards them with his jacket over his head. Obviously trying to break the ice and be humorous but they both thought “I’ll be fucked if I’m getting landed with this oddball” and they edged off away from him as he got close.


A bad game of rubby is better than a good game of football nowadays

A very very strange individual.

You know whats gas about Brolly. Fellas love him for telling it like it is…until it doesnt suit them any more

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That never happened

I’d say this particular scenario has its roots in the well documented Derry-Tyrone senior club football rivalry

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Woolly called Brolly bang to rights last week (cc @myboyblue) about how Dublin play him like a fiddle.

Actually is that the right phraseology?

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I wouldn’t have a monkeys

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It is

You mean county rivalry? It’s well established that Derry club football is miles ahead of Tyrone club football.

That is the shite you get served up in Derry.


You were reared on shite.

This is exactly it

In a black and white world people have to attach their flag to something and can never go back

So what most do is they pick a side

Let’s say Pro-Joe. When they agree they shout from rooftops, when they disagree they say nothing and pretend they didn’t read it.

Same other way round

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Woolie is the hero we need right now, him and Ewan