The Joe Brolly tries to score thread


Ewan is an absolute clownshoe but Woolie (apologies for earlier misspelling) is a great guy.

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Not a huge fan of Wollie but I thought last Thursdays podcast was his best yet.


Ewan will be the Gerry Adams to Woolies John Hume


Woolie is a likable fucker, he’ll break you down in time if you give him the chance.


What happened with the assault again?


I hear he’s some man to make a quesadilla


His chicken wings are to die for.


He came across a late night altercation and decided to lay a few boots into a lad already on the ground. Then played the GAA card in court.


Football is truly fucked


Sounds like a great guy :+1:


Who did?


Don’t answer this @Juhniallio



not cool


He should have his own late night review programme on TV.


Joe very riled up on twitter at the moment




Joe’s on fire

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A Tour de France from joe


Brolly’s lost the plot. This would be an absolute nightmare, you’d basically be letting a forward one on one inside the space with free reign to do wreck :grinning: