The Joe Brolly tries to score thread



Who decides what “man marking” is?


There are so many things wrong with the idea I don’t know where you’d even start


The fluorescent yellow line was nice though

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I can see it now, ball is kicked in with two forwards in the zone, one collects the ball while the other legs it out of the zone to leaving two defenders inside. A 21 yard free is given. Rinse and repeat


Can you imagine. “I was man marking” “no you weren’t” “yes I was” etc etc etc.
Mushroom season is the likely explanation for this.

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I see he has the UFC fans hopping like sausages in a pan.


that is the easiest play on the internet. Fucking morons




Joe will be frying a few sausages tomorrow I see


Joe surpassed himself with his twee intro this morning.


care to enlighten us?


No problem pal. He was away in Berlin with the quare one for a weekend and he asked her if they could come home a day earlier to watch Crossmaglen play Coalisland in the GGA. He came back and met all kinds of alright sorts at the game.




Was he more specific on the identity of the quare one?


Some sultry brunette as I recall


Was your missus in Berlin recently?



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Hopefully that’s the glamorous brunette he keeps referring to


Well I don’t imagine that tweet will last long…