The Joe Brolly tries to score thread


That’s some bollox acting in fairness.


Doubt that’s even brolly


Fair play to him if he can pull a bird in a gay bar


the man is clearly checking out a prospective young kidney doner, it looks to me that he is very satisfied with her compatibility there


I saw that earlier :joy: a passing resemblance to the bould Joe but that’s it I’d say. Be a brave man posting something like that about Brolly given his profession


The video has gone, lads.


Which one?


You’d need to be a right creep to take out your phone and film some lad in a nightclub


He might have been taking s photograph of his pint to show his mates but had the camera switched to video


I was sent another one. Looks very very very like Joe.




Pm please





She’s not from Mayo, this woman?


Brolly is having a mid life crisis by the looks of things.


I’d say it’s just a crisis.


He’s been having a mid life crisis since he was 13.


Is he married, have kids?


Separated with kids I believe.