The Joe Player Memorial Prediction League


Bumped for @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr.


You were all reminded and advised of the deadline in post #385 some 4 (four) days ago.

Indulgences for tardiness and lack of comprehension have not been tolerated since the commencement of this tournament and will not be tolerated now, in fairness to the other posters who were able to follow simple instructions.

There will be no extensions.


A second reminder closer to the deadline is common practice. I trust you’ll extend the deadline to 5pm today to make up for your dereliction of duty.


In a further revelation, it has become apparent that prior red cards don’t count for the relegation game as its not an actual league game. I say lower the blade on the 34 and under waste of spaces.


Waterford/Clare - draw


Bang on. How can @Rocko do an IPO with that kind of tardiness




We have a winner gents.

Congratulations to @Julio_Geordio, who has hit an unassailable score of 54pts.

@Peejaymc finishes as runner-up on a score of 46pts.

A four-way tie for third between @gaillimhmick @Breaking_my_balls @TheBird and @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr, all of whom finished on 42pts.

Thank you all for your participation. In memory of @Joe_Player.


Well done @Julio_Geordio & @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr


Hon ta fuck. I walked all over ye cunts.
I’m not sure which was more important my prediction ability or my ability to predict on time :joy:

Will we finish it out for the minor places Elvis?
Fair play for running it with an iron fist.

Limerick & Waterford will win the semis

With Limerick winning the final for what it’s worth


Comhgairdeachas Julio. The first definite winner of a hurling prediction league on here.


I heard jp was sponsoring him


Congrats @Julio_Geordio and well done @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr

My achillles heel here was trusting in Clare too much. Cunts.

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Congratulations @Julio_Geordio, a worthy winner.
Well done also @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr , even though I fell foul of your iron fist. We’ll all be more discplined next year.

To Joe :ronnyroar:


Congrats Julio you oul bollocks

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Twill Drive @Joe_Player nuts to see a Limerick poster winning.

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Jesus I’m class at predicting




I am sure Joe would have ecstatic to see Limerick winning another trophy.