The Joe Player Memorial Prediction League


Week 1 Results:

12pts - @Locke @manbehindthewire @Peejaymc @Bandage

10pts - @Julio_Geordio @carryharry @Batigol @FlakeAway @Jahan @Your_Mums_Athletic @cmontofuck @Copper_pipe @alf_stewart @glasagusban @Breaking_my_balls @balbec @Raylan @TheBird @TheBlackSpot @Fran @Faldo @The_Most_Infamous

8pts - @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac @TreatyStones @PhattPike @caulifloweredneanderthal @flattythehurdler @Ashman @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr @FatChops @Thornhill @gaillimhmick @Lickmyass @Fitzy @labane1917 @the_mixer_walsh @Esso_Oil

6pts - @myboyblue maroonandwhite Watchyourtoes mikehunt ciarancareyshurlingarmy

0pts - glenshane




Top class pal.


Im pretty sure I got 10 mate


Me too. But it wouldn’t be a JoePlayer League without 4 days of demanding recounts.
Leave it as is. Wouldnt have it any other way


Sport was the real winner today


You’re putting me to shame with the quickness of these table updates


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac 8 is your correct score. You had Clare and Cork winning.

Likewise @Esso_Oil. You had Clare and Wexford to win.


One other slight oversight mate, I should have 10 pts as well.


Elvis handing out clampings left right and centre.


I didn’t get an entry from you before the deadline, pal.


Post number #8 on the thread, mate.


My bad. Duly amended.


Top man.


Clare left me down. Never change lads.


I did in my bollocks have cork.


The changeover in servers and the resultant loss of posts could make for an interesting recount.(if anyone actually cares). I can’t believe I had Clare. I have tipped Tipp to go unbeaten this year as long as Callanan stays fit


@Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr So the 8 points I got aren’t counted because I didn’t have my entry in on time. Only spotted this thread yesterday and as a mark of respect to joe I decided to enter into it, normally I avoid such threads.

I would not have found it necessary to have made this post at all if you completed the list and placed me and the others who didn’t enter on time beside glenshane on 0 points.


This cunt of a server put me down for Wexford and Cork…sure who’sd be stupid enough to pick them 2 no hopers as winners. Is there a form I can fill out to get this amended?


@Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr I’ve a lot of sympathy for you here. Some whingin you’re goin to put up with for the next few weeks. I wish you luck.