The Joe Player Memorial Prediction League


Can we please not start invoking what we think @Joe_Player would have done? I find that upsetting.


Cumulative scores after Week 2. Nobody got a perfect 12 this week as Carlow screwed everyone.

20pts - @Locke @Peejaymc

18pts - @Bandage @Julio_Geordio @alf_stewart @Breaking_my_balls @balbec @TheBlackSpot @The_Most_Infamous

16pts - @manbehindthewire @carryharry @Jahan @cmontofuck @Copper_pipe @glasagusban @TheBird @Faldo @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac @flattythehurdler @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr @Lickmyass @the_mixer_walsh

14pts - @PhattPike @caulifloweredneanderthal @Thornhill @gaillimhmick @mikehunt @Batigol

12pts - @Ashman @labane1917 @maroonandwhite

10pts - @FlakeAway @Your_Mums_Athletic @Raylan @myboyblue @Watchyourtoes @Fran

8pts - TreatyStones FatChops Fitzy Esso_Oil Aristotle grapes

6pts - ciarancareyshurlingarmy

0pts - glenshane


@glenshane OUTSTANDING!


Here Elvis, 16 points for me there too, thanks


10 points for you. It should be clear to you that your picks were late and therefore invalid.


I think I actually should only have 14 lad…


Ah let them play. The more in it the better


Why are you being such a killjoy cunt?


Stop whinging you fucking child. Nobody sent for you so fuck off out of it if you don’t like it.

@batigol God bless your honesty - 14 is correct.



I put my picks in before the games started, why are you being an awkward cunt?

You’ve made an awful mess of this thing


Joe would love this


Joe would be laughing his hole off at this gimp getting all high and mighty about the rules


There’s an obvious unsavoury anti-nordie bias permeating this thread.


I cant believe he allowed ye enter in the first place so mind your whisht


Its the Brexit thing kid. Dont worry about it


I’m not worried. I’m just nursing a sense of victimhood etc.


I feel your pain. Im married 19 years in June


Shoot her. There’s not a judge in the land who’d convict you.


Phil and Grant Mitchell are her brothers. Id rather do the time


Wimmin. You can’t live with’em and you can’t live with’em.