The League of Ireland- More and more positives everyday

Some recent developments have given me great hope for the future of Ireland’s most popular sport

Mr Delaney not being tempted by the cash from the Olympic Committee

some recent positives that fill me with hope

Crowds are up

The North West clubs are strong again

Drogheda Utd will be selling their ground and having a brand new one built within the city limits- my favourite away trip is Drogheda away and cant wait to be heading to a shining new stadium next time Im home

Dundalk under new ownership and becoming financially prudent

Limerick becoming the Paris Saint Germaine of Irish football

The fanbase of SRFC getting bigger every year- we now have supporters club in Carlow Meath and Leinster - we are no longer just the Pride of Dublin but the Pride of Leinster

Feel free to add anymore good news story about Irish football

Every day that passes is a day closer to the end of John Delaney’s reign of terror.

Limerck FC moving into a 28,000 capacity stadium, to cater for the likely massive upsurge in support next year.