The Lovely Ladies Thread


Lisa McHugh - guest on this week’s Tommy Tiernan Show.


She looks great in that barley field .



That girl in the Jerusalem Tel Aviv ad is lovely.


Israeli women are generally savage but completely unhinged.


Many would deem the words Israeli , savage & but to be superfluous .


Is there a very strong wind in that last picture.


Indeed. It appears to be filling her right calf also.


She looks like the Queen of the ahascragh mart



I’d bid top dollar for her.


Jodie Marsh looking stunning, an English Rose


Jodie with no make up :heart_eyes:


those beautiful brown eyes, I am drowning in them


I didn’t realise she’d had a stroke, thats awfully sad.


Jodie is a grand girl, always comes across well on TV, much misunderstood I’d say and saucy as fuck.


she has a lovely way about her, the usual mick roasters you get on here would be afraid of a woman like that, they are afraid of strong British people


She should be in the “Rough” thread. Too many tattoos for me.





he natural beauty is something else, don’t be such a roaster