The Lovely Ladies Thread


Seems to be something stirring in that general area allright


look at the hands and the bone structure of the face


Tony Doran head and paws on her


Some serious spastics on this site.


Hands like a plasterer.


Watch your tongue you dope.


he had a great surgeon to be fair


Go fuck yourself


More ignorance on show.


Piss off you boring tool


Calling someone what you did with your level of spelling is beyond funny ( or plain dumb in your case ).


Children, every time I see this thread has been renewed, I click hoping to see a lovely lady.


If you could mute the trolls there’d be plenty.

Sadly we have the following heroes littering the place with their comments:

  • @Nembo_Kid who doesn’t know what a woman looks like or what to do with one. The chaps fears arousal

  • @Tassotti whose idea of a good look woman is something orange, overweight, plastic and from Essex

There a litany of other posters trying to make smart comments rather than contribute their own ideas of a lovely lady.

In the meantime enjoy Candice Swanepoel:


she could do with a good feed


so you’d prefer to listen to the marquis of diddlesbury and his wild fantasies “i was cycling along in the middle of Manchester and couldn’t find shop, so I pulled into a strangers house looking for a drop of water and a naked blonde with huge tits came out and answered the door” ffs


What the actual fuck are you on about?


We’d prefer the lovely ladies thread to be about lovely ladies.


Just ladies would do at this stage.


Yea you’re right. Or maybe we should get all pc and call it "The gender neutral " thread


You have a very wide definition of ladies.