The Lovely Ladies Thread


For anyone looking for a reason to ignore the questionable acting, and watch Designated Survivor, I give you Italia Ricci.


Lovely name.


She’s a cracker


A wonderful creation.


By God


You could bring her home to meet the parents


She’s really lovely. Married, (to what I can only presume is a twat) unfortunately.


No doubt, you’ll have some insecure roaster along shortly saying that she needs a steak and/or her hole isn’t big enough for them.


Those Mick’s wouldn’t know what a real woman is, drooling at the mouth over some heifer like evanne Cullen


Shes unreal in that first pic


She’s unreal.

The show itself is fairly terrible, awful acting, Grand Canyon sized holes in the plot but she eases all that.


There’s a lot to be said for a good old fashioned smile. They’re nearing extinction these days.


You could throw an empty coal bag over her and she’d still look like a million dollars. Unrale


I think we should write to this woman and explain our affection. She’s the nicest thing I’ve ever seen on tfk.


Ah you’d consider settling down with that. :heart_eyes:


You’re a wonderful man @Chucks_Nwoko

Thank you.


Alright fellas, calm down now, she’s grand.


Eye sockets like potholes FFS


She hasn’t responded to any of my previous letters, but yeah it could be worth another go.


Very very weird last 20 posts.