The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


That’s all I drank when I was home. Great stuff.


We did.


I look forward to the diarrhea thread being bumped later.


Fucking hell :fearful: have you had the normal colostomy bag replaced with a Lidl bag for life?





Where would you purchase that in Limerick? Someone was on about that beer here before, maybe it was yourself?


The offie near punches cross at green park has it. Probably best selection of craft in Limerick at moment


I’m having a Smirnoff ice here for myself on the balcony


Are you celebrating your Junior Cert results of something?


On your recommendation I’m going to try this at the weekend. I’ll report back pal.


Grand, bit boring.


:rollseyes: even your alcohol is boring


I suppose it’s a form of flattery that you set up a separate profile just to follow me around :blush:


I decided to eschew Guinness pre game last night and tried the Wicklow Brewery Hopknut Pale Ale. It fucked me up good and proper.

cc @Mac, @TreatyStones.


Good stuff. Might have made the shite on display more tolerable


You should have your lady friend take you on a spin up to their brewery in Red Cross and stay the night in the caravan park next door. It would be deliiiiightful



Whereabouts are you? I’ve only ever seen that stuff in England, Sam Smith has some great pubs in London serving good beer at ridiculously cheap prices.


Limerick city kid.