The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Where are you buying these newfangled beers in the city?


I’m getting them at Limerick’s best off license. Number 21 at Greenpark near Punches. They do growlers in there too. A few taps in for a different ale/beer the last few times I’ve been in


Not a huge IPA fan but like almost everything from Kona Brewery. This doesn’t disappoint


I’ve the same egg box mate. :+1:


:clap: it’s a prerequisite to own one to live on SCR


The best Off Licence in the World :clap:


I tried their beer and thought it was awful shit. Way too sweet.


A lovely lager



Is that a gay beer?


It’s from Kildare so there’s a good chance there is


What’s the record?


It’s a glass plate mate


I had no idea the quote function had a “different perspective” feature for images. Groovy.



That’s nice stuff



Remember when Grolsch was the height of sophistication?


This is grand


@Mac @glasagusban @TreatyStones

What’s the best Irish pale /red ale - or general brewer currently… Sis in law is looking to get some Irish brewed stuff in… she’s getting plenty of tasters but i’ve tried one or two for her and they are bland enough… Clonakilty being the latest.