The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


The chieftan beer from franciscan well is the nicest beer iv ever tasted. Have seen it on draft in few resteraunts around the place


9 White Deer stuff is always top notch and is somewhat local

What type of customers are you talking about here? Hipsters who want the ‘in thing’ or people looking for a decent beer with their grub?


What do you think of the treaty city stuff?


Bit of both really tho less hipsters than decent beer crowd— She services gigs that take place above the cafe so she doesnt want a wide range, just a selection of quality really and wants to support local/Irish if possible.


That’s going to be one of my recommendations it’s lovely stuff.


I had the White Deer stuff a few years back actually and it was fairly decent now that I recall… Was given a slab as a crimbo bonus from the Olive guy who lives down the road from the brewery …


Stag Ban is the best IPA going in my view.

O’Haras Notorious is the nicest Red Ale.

If you want a Lager, the Bru Lager is tasty and gluten free too so she can get that box ticked.


V different picking one for a cafe or resteraunt than you would pick at home. You want one that isnt heavy and not particularly strong that people will drink more than one of.


@ChocolateMice 9 White Deer is the business.
They have a fairly broad range now, so will tick all the boxes for a wanker cafe.

  • craft
  • local
  • gluten free


The Stag Ban from the crowd we are discussing is the business in that regards.


Brilliant to see Mac online again.


Had a couple of lovely pints of this in Ennis Saturday night


Jack the Lad from Reel Deel in Mayo is lovely. Some of the bigger Supervalu stores stock it.


How many times do I have to tell you, kinnegar are the best Irish beers.




It’s that time lads. It’s a long time since I had a pint of a Friday


You certainly don’t get a better pint of Guinness on the mainland .


I’m sitting in the middle of Ennis mate. I’ve done savage traveling in the last 10 days. All over the world


are you back in Mikey kerins kid?