The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Got 5 Staropramen to see me through the storm. It’ll be gone before it even starts though at this rate :sweat_smile:



Good man. I also topped up and got 5 bottles on the way home from work this afternoon


All gone :cry:


Just started


I’m onto the home brew now :beers:


I got five for ten in ballinacurra, is that good value? Seems cheap enough.


Same as I got in centra raheen.

That place was mad this evening. All it was missing was the choppers fior the fall of saigon.


Not drinking tonight but this is an outstanding lager, we had a shitload of it in the house for a party the other night along with their Thomond red ale


A few of these will put me to sleep tonight


O’Haras stout is a lovely little drink.



Lovely tack.


That’s a lovely beer


It’s poor enough as Belgian beers go —


Which one are you going to row back on?


One weekend in Antwerp and he’s an expert…


Happens a lot of people — it takes years of experience to truly learn about Belgian beers — The likes of Duvel and Leffe are how most clueless lads start out thinking they are cultured… Leffe is a poor mans drink in Belgium.


Stella is the king of Belgian beers.


Westmalle dubble, Bourgogne des Flandres, Chimay Triple, Duvel triple hop, Saison Dupont — All worth checking out.

I love dubble beer — The older I get the more I go for darker beers/ ales.

I’m gonna get back to Antwerp later in the year hopefully.


Duvel is a sublime beer. 3 for £5.25 in tesco up north. Possibly the only valid argument for partition