The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


This is actually lovely.


Did you post about St. Mels on this site before?


Quite possibly


Which one? I see Dunnes Stores have St. Mels.


Red Stripe mate


The beer. I don’t care much for the school


The Food Programme - The Mothership of Brewing: Beer and the Belgians - @bbcradio4



Got that in Aldi. Very nice.


Can you give us any more information? Price tag and country it’s from etc.


Killarney Helles is a fine beer which seems to be gaining traction on draught at the moment.


I’m in agreement with you on the latter part of your post there. We revisited it a few years ago " celebrating" 50 years since our leaving cert. I felt like a concentration camp survivor revisiting Auschwitz.

On a brighter note 43 out of 50 attended. 1 no longer with us since 1970. It wasn’t the quality of the fare supplied that has sustained us this long I can assure you.


I haven’t a fucking clue. I’m drinking it not fuckng reading it.






Drinking it and photographing it…


I have a new favourite beer


@mac what’s the best ale on the market… I saw you raving about something a while back but it’s not on this thread.


Of Foam and Fury


Great… Dunnes have it in stock.