The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Kinmehar rye ale, how many times do I have to tell you?


I must say, I tried Newcastle brown ale a while back and I thought it was lovely… can find it any where now.


Had two pints of “Five Lamps” beer coming out of Dublin, fucking lovely.


They serve it at a lot of music events and festivals now. It’s a good session ale, you can drink a good few of them no bother.



They are fantastic, Amber Ale, Rye Ales, IPA all top dollah.


They are outstanding


This crowd are every bit as good


Recognise the bottles but haven’t tried before, I’ll be sure to give em a twisht.


Their 08 kolsch is a fine brew, a bit pricey but I’m drinking away at it in case the price goes up


Heineken bought it out and moved the brewery to The Netherlands. Since then it hasn’t been distributed in Ireland.

Unfortunately “The One And Only” is gone.


“the dog”


In Zoeterwoude.


No matter where it is in The Netherlands.

I even emailed the feckers to complain after it was withdrawn. Got no good out of them of course. I mustn’t have been drinking enough. I drink mostly German wheat beer now. Their loss…


Heineken need to be broken up…

Seems you can get it in Dublin alright… we will share a couple on All Ireland Sunday.


Where in Dublin? Big place…


Came up in Martins Off license on the google machine


Sorry… next door offy …


And Martin’s in fairview


Sweeney’s listing it as well but could be outdated list …


I’m sorted lads, they sell it in Limerick Junction