The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


I’d say that’s the Nigerian Guinness is it ? 7.5%

Every Nigerian taxi driver tells me about it! Dunno what shit I’d be talking.


Cc @Robert_Emmet @feck_it


Heineken in a different can.



Up your game son


It’s true though. It will end up like Newcastle Brown eventually.


It’s owned by Heineken, and brewed in the same place as Heineken in the UK.


The bastards have bought half the beers around the world.

Are they buying it to take it off the market, @Mac? Other wise i’d imagine they will brew it to the same flavour/taste.


They buy up anything that’s selling at scale. They can produce it at scale and they’ll just dumb down the taste of it over time with cheap ingredients by adding more chemicals. The stuff you’ll get in the Caribbean will still be good and proper. The stuff that comes in a can from an English off licence will be no better than Dutch Gold.


They bought it so that mugs like you will keep buying it and paying a premium because it is “Jamaican”.


It cant be bought in the republic, you plum.


When that happens i’ll move onto something with more hipster value.


if they have enough mugs like you I’m sure they’ll start to sell it in Oireland.


Says the cunt that swamps zyweic by the barrel


I’ve given up beer actually. I’m a fully paid up member of the TFK whisky clique now.


What’s your tipple?


Balvennie at the moment. I’ve a Jura waiting to be opened and a Jameson Black Barrel or whatever on the go as well.



I do prefer the sweetness of Irish — but the Jura was lovely once I gave it a chance … was very over powering at first tho.


It can


Tell that to @caulifloweredneanderthal who is crossing the border to get it…


He probably meant the republic of cork.