The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Iron Mike has it on draught in his new pub in Kilmallock FFS.


Big bottles, kid… I wouldnt go near long neck piss - just saying that the average North American stuff is palatable from them.


Galahad got me through college :stuck_out_tongue: If I was feeling adventurous it was Druids :hushed:


I was in college before the minimum pricing was taken away so we had to drink some unmerciful shit. You used to be able to get 48 bottles of Ureich (aka Urine) for €24 in Fine Wines. The only way to drink it was just above freezing point and even at that it was horrendous. You couldn’t delay drinking it either because if it warmed up any bit you were fucked.


The trout of no craic’s can of choice.


48 bottles surely lasted you a week!


Kids today …soft.


This took me about 3 seconds to find


@Rocko can we get @Mac a blue peter badge


It’s been out of stock for months you prick.


Hold off on it.



@mac up your game with your research


Wtf is the point of arguing over generic mass produced lagers? Is there much difference in any of them, apart from abv?


The only difference I see is the hangovers.

Carlsberg would put me in the hospital, Heineken is grand


All depends on how many ulcers you want.


Couldnt tell you I dont drink, mate. I’m just here for the abuse.


Dickhead pansy ballbag


Hey, they’re insults - that’s next door.




No it hasn’t you cuntbag