The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Yes, it has, you fanny flap.


Ulcers are caused by a bacteria.


cc @balbec


2 of the 3 are shite


I’m not surprised you enjoy a bit of knob gobbling


Which two would that be?


You’ve obviously tried it…


First 2 left to right as we look at them


You’re talking through your hoop. Again.


I’m sorry Robert. The man is spot on. Duvel is a sublime beer. The other two are rough.


Duvel is only ok as Belgian beers go. The others are grand drinks… nothing exceptional, but grand. I’m much more a dark or red man when it comes to beers or ales.


I have spoken on the subject. Further discussion is not necessary.


I’m nearly sure that offer was 48 cans? Something like buy one slab, get another free anyways. God only knows how Fine Wines got their hands on it but they needed to get rid of it, quick. It was one of the most foul beers I’ve ever tasted, maybe only bettered by a bottle of Tatra picked up in Warsaw one time. A slab of Gally was noble, almost gourmet in comparison.


And what agrivates them kid?


2 & 3 are grand.


Tropical beer


I’m after 4 Quilmes here and a mixture of the heat and heart break has me very groggy.


Sorry for your troubles. It’ll take more than 4 to dull any ache worthy of the name



Limited edition gigi buffon birra morretti