The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


I’ll be tearing into a few of these next week hopefully. :it:


Untappd beer app is decent for fans of craft beer - find locations and reviews


Welcome to 2014 buddy


I know. Craft beer is so 2014.


I had four cans of Guinness last night finished off with a pint of raspberry and lime cider as it was all that was left. Its after fucking me up


Aye, now it’s just beer


More mass produced Heineken owned stuff. Lovely beer though.


A rookie mistake.


cc @The_Selfish_Giant


Having a Galway Bay Althea session ale watching the match. Really lovely stuff. One of nicest ones I have tried for a while.


It’s only 3% or so isn’t it ?




Might be living under a rock but I see Birra Moretti everywhere in the last year between advertisements & people drinking it on nights out/restaurants.

Hadn’t a clue about it, must actually try it!


Will your hands ever grow to full size or is that it?


It’s a nice beer, lovely by the bottle.


It’s basically just Italian Heineken isn’t it?


I like moretti, I think Heineken is disgusting.


Yup. Bit nicer though. Less gassy.


Heineken have started distributing it in Ireland. I really don’t like pints of Heineken but I’d drink Moretti no problem, it’s a lovely beer.


A much better beer than Peroni.