The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


It’s owned by Heineken


Always mighty tack for getting lushed in a hurry, I’d no idea these feens did anything other than Super Bav, least of all an IPL.

Until now.


Where’d you get that?


Belluno, Italy. Never seen it before.

They have a “Red Beer” version also, FYI information.


Siren Calypso Berliner Weisse - Simcoe & Centennial

Like a cross between a sour and IPA. Very nice.



Wan of our own (although now owned by Heineken). One of my go to IPAs in summer, a lovely citrus bite off it.


Do you drink that when you are practising your putting?


I had a pint of that in Dublin last year, turned my stomach something awful, I was puking my ring up the day after.


Had a pint of it in the East Side Tavern recently, which along with the bar itself was decidedly meh.


Yeah it’s a shite bar alright, but hartigans next door is a smashing pub.


That Jackford is daycent .


That’s a lovely IPA.
You can get it on draft in a few spot in Dublin.
Lovely shot of the inside of your Soviet era mass concrete apartment block too.


That’s Florida mate.


That’s lovely stuff.


You can get it on draft in against the grain if you want to be puking your ring up.


Be quiet - the grown-ups are talking.


What used against the grain be called? I think it had all Dantes Inferno type decor


Does holding Princess’s purse make you feel you like a grown up?


Lagunitas IPA is ranked in the top 10 craft beers by actual beer drinkers.
No need to embarrass yourself further.