The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Are you sure you want to take the chance of enduring the feeling your insides being ripped apart while you are in Croker? Sunday isnt a day to be making any brave decisions. Stick to what you can trust


The Haggard Witch IPA is great stuff.


Aren’t you worried about attracting steamers?


The ketchup all over his jacket will scare them away.


Aren’t Franciscan owned by Molston ??


Cute Hoor is Heino owner too .


Aren’t you worried about attracting steamers?


Edgy … you asked that already.


The George Bernard Shaw


Going for a pint is a minefield these days. You can’t even trust the Franciscans


Stop being Assisi .


St Francis let us down. Ask St Martin to pour us another


Not Heineken owned.


Just having a brown bear from aldi, nice tac



Have a great night mate. You’re skinnier than I thought


Couldn’t pass this up, works out at 0.96 yo-yos per bottle.


And lads here say America is a failed society. Morons don’t know what civilisation looks like.


And you trying to pass this off as non-mass produced craft beer :joy:


Can’t you just be happy for him?