The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


I’m sorry Fagan but the girls like it. I wouldn’t eat it myself


Home made Brown bread or I’d buy nice bread in the bakers shop or something. Slice pan gives me woeful heartburn


C’mere you. Explain yourself


Leave me alone.


Sure i suppose that’s grand when you’ve nothing else to be doing for the day.


That won’t do.


Well done. You teed that up nicely. Didnt rush into it. Fellas could learn from you

@Juhniallio that’s a new twist on it


Calm down Ted. You’re starting to smell yourself a bit now.


Karmeliet :clap: :clap:


Estrella Damm is a grand beer


I had that in Spain a few years ago, is it widely available now, there’s so much of a selection that I hardly even notice much when I find myself in an offie.
Is the treaty city beer any good, I’ve met the owner a few times but he hasn’t asked me in yet.


I’ve tried loads of beer and nothing beets a nice chilled bottle of Stella.

cc @Tassotti


It’s lovely but you’d pay the price the next morning if you had a good few


Fairly common the past year, one of the major players must be distributing.

The treaty pale ale is nice enough on draft alright.


Where are you buying your beer? I’m in the market to try something new. Is that off license in Raheen still open, the one that would have a lot of choice, front door maybe? @ciarancareyshurlingarmy


Where did you buy all that? They’re not supermarket bought.


Is it hard to get around Japan as an English speaker? They generally don’t speak English, or speak very little. Are there English friendly signs/menus?


Afraid it closed last year. Buying in centra these days.


You couldn’t depend on the hipsters buying niche beer to keep you going. Meanwhile the off licenses by the train station and the one out in Thomondgate go from strength to strength selling Carling by the slab.


The staff in fine wines would not agree.
One of our club players had a knife pulled on him and shots fired over his head in the space of a couple of months recently. He has resigned and the fuckers made him work his weeks notice.