The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


Fuck it I don’t know - they’re both the same and I don’t take stock which one i’m in… I’ve just done a google - It was indeed Lidl. Sorry, mate.

Sorry guys.

Lidl Belgian beers … LIDL.


I had two lovely pints of Heineken there. Very hard to beat a nice pint of it. I’m going to head to Lahinch now


You stupid cunt. Aldi support the IRFU. Lidl support Ladies GGA.



But, you know yourself, they all look the same to me them lads.




I’ve started drinking it again lately if I’m in a place with the usual staples and if I don’t fancy getting stuck into the Guinness.


You got the main message delivered to you, stop crying about semantics


Lahinch is gone too commercial and there’s hardly a decent boozer in the place. I’d go as far as to say it’s over rated.


It’s a kip.


What is there 5 bars? Maybe 2 half decent. I really don’t see the attraction of it.






Full hipster place here


FFS sake.



Where is that?


There’s no pleasing the snowflakes


For fuck fuck sake


Hipsters don’t provide mayonaisse in a squeezy pack I’d say


Where is that?


That’s beard balm