The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


What is that and where the fook are you .


A burger bar in palma, mallorca.

Never seen anything like it and could not get out fast enough. Times when an irish bar is not a bad option


A fucking jam jar


This hipster thing just new needs to stop .


Dafuq do you expect going to a shithole like Mallorca.


Long White Cloud is a lovely light crisp pale ale. 5.4% too which isn’t bad for a light colour Ale.

Hard enough to find though


Magalluf and santa ponsa are shitholes

The rest of the island is good


Steinhauser is a lovely beers lads, they have a law in Germany called the “German Purity law”


Having a bottle of Hop House 13 now guys.

Nice hint of glue off it.


Don’t drop it.


Drinking a 6 pack of James Squire Stow Away IPA here, gorgeous tack.
Cc @Chucks_Nwoko



That’s actually pretty nice. Made by O’Hara’s


Yes. BBQ in full flow .just had a great day with the family. DBs tip won . Still heat in the sun. Bliss


Savour the enjoyable moments buddy. You deserve them.


You too bro


Had a lovely bottle of Maple Ale with my dinner. Brewed by Wexford’s no 1 craft brewer… Kevin Dundon


He has plenty of funding alright



you are thinner than I thought you would be