The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


The blue thing is a bag of rice but I’m flattered regardless


Subway tiles very similar to the ones in my post above



You have great taste


@fran, are the tiles really necessary when you have the backsplash there? First time I’ve seen that approach


Having a bottle of Killarney brewing Helles now, tis only alright.


If you can get your hands on the Yellow Belly beer in your part of the world give it a try. Mostly in cans.


Not necessary but easier to keep clean than painted walls. Looks a lot better also


That’s a bottle of beer Tossy mate.


Are those St James gate bottled stouts any good? African Guinness or something


First time trying the Thomond Red Ale this evening. Very easy to drink. Nothing mad about it, just plain and nice.


Better than the label.


€2.70 for 6 of these in the local LIDL here.

Its unreal with a bit of lunchtime salad.



Where are you?


What does the bottle say???


County Tarragona mate


Did you get on to this stuff? Great tack


They really do do everything.


That looks like a lovely beer. Did you get that in Lidl


No mate. Local beer was very decent alright