The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


yeah, I picked up a bottle for the caic in a hipster offie


Did you ever try Franziskaner weissbier? It would be my favourite beer but I’ve had to knock it on the head because I’ve put up savage weight the last year or two from drinking gallons of it. I haven’t drank it in weeks now but for someone like yourself doing ultra marathons you’d be able to handle it without those same side effects. Wheat beer also most beneficial for runners.


Finally picked up a bottle of @Balbec IPA this evening. Mighty tack, much better than the fair-to-middling Bo Bristle IPA I’m getting through now.


I drink bottles of the st james gate Guinness 99 per cent of the time, sometimes I see a snazy bottle and pick one up to see what it is like, most of the time it is pure shite, that erdinger is nice alright but it would blow the arse of you, and the next morning the arse would be ripped off you from shiteing


I never had any issue like that from Erdinger (or any other wheat beer) to tell you the truth. I’ve very rarely had more than six pints of wheat beers in a sitting and don’t get a hangover off them, but I’d be dehydrated from Erdinger alright if not drinking a pint or two of water before bed. I’m gone dead off Erdinger in particular ever since I discovered Franziskaner. It just tastes like washing up liquid now in comparison.

I have a good constitution and ability to drink beer generally, the only one that has ever gave me a dose of the shits would be Guinness the day after a right heavy session, usually around Christmas. I’m in the market now for something new, I like a quality crisp European lager so might venture down that route. Moretti actually is unreal I think if you can get it on draught. Staropramen is a good one too.


where do you get in normally? I’m going over now for another few bottles and see if I can spot it and pick up a bottle, I love the auld Dublin Porter, the auld lad in the offie always tells me the same story about how it got its name “porter” he’s about 80 so he probably forgets he tells me the same story apparently, they used to give watered down ale to the porters in the markets in London during the day so they’d be half merry all the time and not get bored because they had boring jobs, hence the name “porter”


Its sold in every Lidl in Oireland at €1.99 a bottle. I used to just pick up a box of 12. Try one anyway served very cold. Tesco in Oireland would often have them too. Probably a lot of off licenses as well.


Signing in @Smark

Gave it a go tonight. ''Twas grand - €2 for 2 and it did the job


That’s a smoked beer pal. I find them disgusting


Can’t go wrong with Japanese beer.


I reluctantly purchased two bottles of Kingfisher tonight, “India’s finest beer”. They only had four bottles of my new favourite, Sapporo, in stock. So i got two Kingfisher too, out of curiosity i suppose, as well as need. My god it is desperate shit. Drinking four bottles of Sapporo and then switching to that the difference is night and day. I will never buy Kingfisher again. I had a bad feeling about it to start with, watery looking appearance of it and all.


Had a balbec there @balbec nice 6%



What’s this stuff like?


lovely Sunday drink, weak though 3.8%



Where did you buy that mate? I bet it was good?


Tesco now stocking Kona brewery from Hawaii stuff. Didn’t have their lovely Longboard lager in though. You’d usually find that in o Brien’s though


Is that good stuff? How much and is that a 330ml bottle?


It’s fucking lovely, although I prefer their Longboard lager.

€3 for a 330ml bottle which is saucy, or 4 for €10.

Tesco have seriously upped their game on the craft/fancy beers and ales. The one in the crescent had a huge selection today, and most were 3 for 9 or 4 for 10.

Also a great selection at the Centra in Raheen. Picked up a can of Yellow Belly beer and a bottle of Founders IPA last night there.

Will you be going into the opening of the Wickham Tap on July 4th @Smark?