The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread



Looks like you’re on a date there pal? With a young lady perchance?


Location ?


You’re funny.


I’m on holliers bro.


He picked a real buzzing spot by the looks of it


He started talking about Gaelic Football so they all fucked off.


Were you marching the other day, bro?


I’m in Bundoran.


Some people can’t stay and take a beating.


Try the white gypsy red ale. It’s exceptional. It had a nice creamy head and has to settle like a Guinness.

I met the lads from that brewery in toners one time and they condescendingly asked me why I was drinking a crap mass manufactured drink. I told them I like Guinness, it’s lovely, and I quite enjoyed craft beers but fancied Guinness this evening. They calmed down and we had a nice chat then and they were delighted when I told them I knew of them and that their red ale was fantastic.


What were you at, a cunt convention?


Do you have sand in your vagina again?


It sounds like you had a group of craft beer brewers in yours.


I thought we were past peak craft beer and the mugs had some other fad to be going on with?


There’s donut and tea fads in Dublin at the moment.


Gin is so hot right now.


Donut is peaking presently


Gin was hot 9 months ago. It’s on the wane now.


Limerick setting the trend on this front as usual. Donuts were hot in Limerick 12 months ago.