The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread


We got sent in a few donuts from there recently as a thank you. Jaysus they were muck, I’ve no idea how they are successful


Have you not seen the signage? They are funky and cool.
Who gives a fuck what they taste like.


That seems to be the case alright. Exploiting hipsters is the way forward


Also having a tiny shop which gives the appearance of there always being “a queue out the door” helps.


Donuts are muck fullstop.


Agreed mate but these were shit even for donuts


The pink pound


the tonic bubble must be about to burst


Maybe they thought it was a shit job you did?


Food trucks is the new fad. Will be 2018 before it really kicks in.

Coming to a town near you.


This is what my home brew looks like.


and taste wise? did you throw up a step by step, kid? i wouldnt mind making up a brew for Christmas.


No I did not.


Bobby has a smashing little bed you are very good to him


would you care to?


Nice shoes and nice bed for Bobby.


A mate of mine shipped a few of these bad boys back from NZ for me, absolutely unreal tack.


Give us the info Fagan. Looks good. What’s the alc%?


Target abv 5%. Made over the course of about 2 months. You could do it quicker. First fermentation you have to wait until the air lock stops bubbling. That happened after about 2 weeks. It was another 2 weeks before I had time to bottle it. Then needs two weeks in the bottle to ferment and another week in the fridge to settle. Total cost including mix equipment and bottles and caps. 140 for 40 bottles. Equipment and bottles reusable. mix about 30 euro
So that is ongoing cost for 40 50cl bottles.

Cc @ChocolateMice


I’d drink that