The Mac and Treatystones Gay Beer Thread

Well I like it, so fuck you.

Peroni is nice.
That Asahai is ok, but like you said not too exciting

Beer Lao

For full effect you need to be floating down a river on a tractor tyre.


For full effect you must be in a beat out bar, filled with cigar smoke and one talameda playing in the back ground.

Spotted Tesco doing 10 bottles of Brahma for €10, a noble bottled beer if ever there was one.

Myself and Julio were drinking Rebel Beer on Saturday night, I think it’s imported from the Republic of Cork.
It was a fine beer in fairness (and I don’t normally drink beer).

A fine tipple this if any of ye are ever in the Grand Duchy

or indeed, this

A top beer, also the bottle design is one of the best around (fits the hand perfectly). It’s the no.1 selling beer in Brazil.

But not their nicest. Itaipava…mmmmmm. Nothing like it in 36° heat

Quilmes is a nice easy one as well

I’m a fan of Quilmes alright.

A few of these and a hot Indonesian sex-worker for €25…life doesn’t get much better than that.

Has anyone tasted Irish craft beers or ales like galway hooker or Irish pale ale (think that’s the name) ? This is not a thread to discuss if so. I only want to discuss world beers and not poncy craft beers…

Belfast Blonde is ok - From College Green Brewery. They sell it in Slatts & Little Ass in Rathmines

Enjoying a few bottles of O’Hara’s red ale.

Great stuff when you get into it.

What are peoples take here on bottled Guinness?

I have never had it from a bottle, The Dunph. Can you purchase it in bottled form in France?

Have only had it a couple of times. Very different to draught. Tough going in my opinion.

Yep, in places but i don’t think i’ll bother…

Beautiful Drink, my favourite drink since I relocated to Waterford. Not to be drank from the cooler, it tastes its best when the bottle is left in the cases on the ground, not off the shelf.

There are some decent Belgian stouts I am sure you could easily get over… Not sure of any names off hand. Plenty of dark beers also worth trying if you are into that .

Does it have to be left on the ground, Anto? Could it be left in the case on a shelf?