The Mind of GOD

Don’t rule out Laois giving her one again

Ewan has that nomination sewn up for 2025.

Nah, while we’ll vote for a nazi racist Cunt there’s no way we’d give it to an Athy man

She did her own research

An absolute cunt. People who give her a pass because they assume shes mentally unwell. Shes just a horrible, horrible woman


Her teeth are gone like Dan Shanahan’s.

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This thread is some read

She throws out that Edels son could have been a drug dealer and was murdered.

A deranged horrible cunt

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Oh she’s gonna love this the absolute utter utter Cunt of a woman

Shouldn’t be giving her airtime by tweeting her nonsense on here imo


If any of the county councillors in Laois who decided it was a good idea to nominate this cretin for the last Presidential election come near my door at the next local election, they’ll get a short knock.

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I’d love to see who voted what on that.

Paschal McEvoy, Caroline Dwane Stanley, Aidan Mullins and Ben Brennan.
The rest who abstained are nearly as bad.

The Laois GAA Treasurer. Jesus.

Grain of salt but would be cool if true

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@maurice_brown @maurice_brown & @TheUlteriorMotive camping outside Mountjoy :grinning:

Christ, she’s fucking around with drug dealers now. She’ll be shot dead and end up a martyr to all the fucking weirdos out there.

(Describes herself as a “journalist “ ffs)

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Conor Dignam must be rueing the day he decided to become a judge between having to hear this witch and Enoch Burke.