The NBA Thread

Kyrie in flow is undeniably something to watch

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Steph Curry is a bad man

The Cian lynch of basketball…

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Stone cold

This heat celtics game has a good bit of bite in it

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Beautiful from Pau on Kobe

I’m not crying, you’re fucking crying :cry:

Got over the line.

Just about. Good game tbf. That Latvian lad kristaps is a big man

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He is a very bad man

Caitlin Clark, the women version of Steph

How the fuck did they not call a time out when she done that. Mark the moment ffs

The Celtics now only 8 games clear of the rest of the East with last nights summary dismissal of the Knickerbockers.


But but but has @StoneCold said so?

Hard to see anyone in the East beat them… But …the offense still goes missing at times and they have struggled against the better teams this year. I’d be wrapping Porzingis up in cotton wool… They look very beatable without him. Regular season v playoffs :person_shrugging:t2:

Are the furniture movers blowing up regular season wins now?

You’d worry they’re not being tested, but then, who is there to ever test them?

The Knicks are purring this year. Might win a playoff round

Walked all over the cunts