The NBA Thread

Just watched the highlights… Kyrie was no where to be seen

Doncic can’t win with all these bums around him.

Celtics were unreal in the first half. Porzingus came in offf the bench and the Mavs couldnt handle him. They went into casual mode in the 3rd Q and nearly threw it away but Brown brought them out of that slumber. Doncic did his thing of getting ridiculous shots whereas Kyrie wasnt a factor. Celltics in five ( hopefully) as they have a tendency to sleep walk through at least one game

Don’t be hard on the kid, this is Boston

I see Pep was courtside

Trying to get the Celtics to sue over the salary cap

Cracker Porzingis the difference maker

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Porzingis was onrale.


I’d imagine Kyrie was perturbed by the notoriously racist Boston crowd

Kyrie walked on Luckys head - it wont be forgotten

Having Prozingis back was huge for the Celtics given the size of Dallas. They couldn’t get to grips with him. Dallas are so big, they’d remind you of the Limerick hurlers.

Only downside if you ask me. Hes a cheating basterd

Browns celebrations after his dunk reminded me of the dow in the 2018 final

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Suck it up You prick


Luka Fatass getting swept.

A 32 point triple double. Kyrie needs to pull his finger out

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The easy part done. Game 3 and 4 were always gonna be key

KP is officially out.
Its up to a 38 year old to beat the fat cracker

Big loss