The NBA Thread


The regular season kicks off tonight, Celtics @ Cavs is a great opener, Kyrie going back to Cleveland.

Season Predictions:
Finals - Cavs over Warriors in 7
MVP - Giannis
DPOTY - Rudy Gobert
ROTY - Jayson Tatum
Most Improved - D’Angelo Russell
Coach of the Year - Erik Spoelstra

East seeds - 1 Celtics, 2 Cavs, 3 Bucks, 4 Wizards, 5 Heat, 6 Raptors, 7 Sixers, 8 Hornets

West seeds - 1 Warriors, 2 OKC, 3 Spurs, 4 Rockets, 5 Timberwolves, 6 Nuggets, 7 Clippers, 8 Pelicans


Wouldn’t disagree with the rest.


He does qualify alright, second favourite behind Lonzo Ball


Both Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have started for the Celtics here. Brown is playing well, what a player this guy could become. Tatum taking longer to get up to the NBA pace understandably, he’s been thrown from the frying pan into the fire with a start here tonight.


Heyward is after breaking his leg here on his debut. Holy fuck this is awful


Horrible looking.


Both sets of players are devastated. There’s just carnage here. Both sets of fans are shook too, there’s Cleveland fans crying. A sick murmur going around the arena. Heyward hasn’t been removed from the court yet. His sock looked like it was holding his foot to his leg. He’s going off now. Can he ever come back as good again?




His foot is dangling there and looks like its snapped away almost entirely. That was gruesome. I knew straight away it was something awful, he also came down hard on his shoulder and at first view i thought he was gesturing that his shoulder was dislocated. It was what you would describe in the GAA as a ‘hospital pass’ from Kyrie Irving IMO to Heyward where he had to jump high contesting with two Cleveland players.

I had a feeling the Heyward move would not work out at Boston but did not know how. This has instantly ruined Celtics season. I hold a 20/1 docket on them to win it out and that is gone up in smoke now but there are people with more serious issues than that (Gordon Heyward).


I’m off to bed. Had intended staying up watching this opening night battle between the two top seeds in the East but i’ve lost my appetite now.


Swaggy P giving the Warriors a big lift off the bench



After losing opening two games, I see Celtics are currently on a run of seven straight wins. Best record in the league.

What’s the prognosis on Hayward?


Hes out for the season, no return date, hes vowing to return “better than ever before” etc. Hes in the training facility most days where theres a Celtics coach assigned full time to help Heywards rehab.

Its unreal given whats happened that they’ve seven wins in a row. The Cavs are going really bad, losing four of their last five.



Celtics winning streak out to 13 games. Golden State Warriors up next in Boston tomorrow night.


Incredible character shown by them and no little skill to go 13 in a row.


cracking game here between the warriors and the popes 5. celtics on a 17-0 run to lead by 2 in the third


Celtics are back.