The NBA Thread


Great game, how did the Cavs let irving go


He got sick of old man Lebron blaming the world and it’s wife for Cavs problems.
Also, Danny Ainge is a genius


So is Stevens. Look how many Boston players are in the top ten for defense rating in the league


No idea but he could win a championship with the Celts as the star, that means something. I might start supporting them, used to be a fan in the old days when the Warriors were shit.


Lovely stuff. That sounds terrific from the Celtics. Winning streak extends to 14.


That was some game last night between the Celtics and the Warriors. Boston confounding all expectations in the way they’ve responded to Haywards season ending injury on opening night. They are a really likeable, honest bunch. In Jaylen Brown they have found a star. He is going to be some player soon, looks an all star in the making. Jayson Tatum has been brilliant too considering its his rookie season and he’s only 19yrs old. Kyrie Irving is in MVP sort of form, he is driven and relishing the role as leader of this team. Al Horford is some bit of stuff then as well. Aaron Baynes has been a nice free agent signing, I was not expecting him to do so well. Terry Dozier and Marcus Smart then contributing loads of hustle from the bench. Just magic. Danny Ainge is some talent spotter, and then Brad Stevens managing the team. Just an all round brilliant, patient organisation.



Prick. He got booed out of the building every time he touched the ball against the Celtics at the TD Garden. To think that they drafted him as their no. 2 pick.


Golden State behind 47-28 at the end of Qtr 1 against Philadelphia.


Its not live bro. But worth watching.


Simmons is having a great game.


Westbrook gave it absolute socks to KD last night, great stuff!
Elsewhere The Cs 16 game winning streak came to an end last in Miami


Lakers and Warriors go to OT tied at 109.


Warriors win 127-123.


Kobe having his # 8 and 24 jerseys retired in LA right how. Emotional scenes.


In a fitting tribute to Kobe, Warriors and Lakers go to OT.


Does a @Bandage and scores all Warriors 12 points in OT to claim victory over their local rivals.




Warriors destroying the Cavs on their home patch here in the 4th


You have to hope Cavs are saving it for the payoffs, otherwise they are a disgrace these days