The NBA Thread


Cavs getting blown out by Harden and co.


Cavs have parted company with Isiah Thomas and D Wade.
IT to Lakers
D Wade ti Miami.


Thomas has proven to be a whiny little shite the past few weeks. I’d say LeBron made that call


The Cavs are gone, forget about them. They’ve also traded Jae Crowder and Derrick Rose to Utah, plus Shumpert is going to Sacramento. All they seem to be getting in return is average players and future picks. What a disaster the trade of Kyrie Irving was to Boston. Have they a point guard for the rest of the season?


Jose Calderón


Jose Calderon :joy::joy:


Toronto will win the east


Yeah, LeBron.


I think you may be right. Celtics have just signed Greg Monroe. They needed a decent centre. Monroe is a short term solution


George Hill and Clarkson will probably be the point guards


George Hill is an upgrade on IT for the Cavs. These are all good moves for them, puts them in a position to win a championship than if they made no trades at all.


They had to do something alright but this won’t get them any closer to winning the championship IMO. They’ve signed their deathknell.


It does get them closer. George Hill can play good defense, as opposed to IT who is the worst defender in the entire league, and the offensive output doesn’t drop off much. The other players add a bit of dynamism, scoring and youth to the bench, as their second unit has been decrepit to this point. They’ve also created room for 2 players in the upcoming buyout market. And kept the Brooklyn pick.


Zach Lavine is incredible, dear god.


Cavs/Celtics tipping off in a few minutes in Boston, first game for the new look Cavs. It’s also Paul Pierce night, his jersey is being retired at half time.


Real edge to this already, Kirie is pumped, hopefully the new look Cavs can bring it down to the wire


Lebron showing whos daddy


Car crash tv. The new look cavs in their first game together today absolutely destroying the celtics. Fans booing but they have to sit there for the pierce ceremony afterwards. Rivers Garnett pierce sitting ashen faced court side.


A week is a long time in basketball. Is this the real Cavs though?


That was fantastic from the Cavs, the team looks re-energized and the bench now has bunch scorers who are suited to play off LeBron. Hill brings a lot of physicality too, gives them defense and pick-and-roll scenarios that Thomas couldn’t.