The NBA Thread


Super game here between the Warriors and the Blazers, Portland lead 92-87 end of Q3. Durant on 38 points and having a massive game both sides of the court.


It’s Durant against the Blazers, sensational game.
50 points Durant versus 42 Lillard, insane stuff, 2 point game, 2 min left.


Ripppppp cittaaaaaay


Tough call on Durant on the last minute 3 pointer, but a deserved win for the Blazers.
What a fucking game!


Lilard is the most underrated guy in sports


Great to see Rondo and Thomas going at it last night. I imagine Rondo is still cut by the Celtics trading him. Starting to show traces of his genius in the last month or so.


Beat L.A.


He’s unbelievable. On the odd occasion CJ tries hard too they are unstoppable.

As are these city edition jerseys :heart_eyes:



Excellent jerseys, only bettered by the Miami Heat ones


Whats the deal with ‘Rip City’?


Its bizarre. When i asked i was told an old game announcer just randomly shouted it out once after a shot in a playoff game. For no known reason, as the term had nothing to do with Portland before. But the fans liked it and adopted it. I have heard anecdotal evidence that to rip means to smoke drugs in local slang adding to its appeal.


:grinning: Those crazy Portlandians


Keep Portland weird bro. Great city.


Back in those days there was no 3 point shot in the NBA, so apparently the commentator was responding to a shot from downtown, which would be highly unusual back the





These are superb.


And at the other end of the scale we have


All here, Denvers one is nice


God no