The NBA Thread


As is, much and all as it kills me to say, LA…


Ha just seen that. Fergie been on the Coke too long


Some hole all the same


Filthy auld head on her still.


Very promising young team there in Philly, Rookies Simmons and Embiid really looking the part and JJ Reddick still doing his thing. Left Lebron for dead when it came to the crunch tonight


Nice bit of spice to the game as well.


Steph Curry out of the first round of the playoffs. GSW are currently lined up to face the Timberwolves in that round, that could be very sticky for them if Jimmy Butler comes back strong (though this is likely to change given the tightness of the seeding out West from 3 to 9)

Meanwhile, LeBron is on one of the best runs of form in his career and the Cavs are beginning to motor with Love back and the new lads meshing in well. Can’t wait for the playoffs


Its Houston’s year sham


Yeah, they’re going gangbusters. I’d love to see a Rockets/Cavs finals.


Ah no somebody new needed from the East. Sick of the LeBron love fest at this stage and also his own attitude of aloofness.

Philly could be a dark horse in the East. Celtics are banged up Kyrie won’t be at match fitness come play off time.


No 1 pick Fultz could be making his first appearance for Philly tonight.


Trust the Process


Not his first appearance


The Cavs are the only team from the East capable of competing with the Warriors or Rockets in a Finals series. For the sake of a decent Finals they need to be there. LeBron’s quest for rings is the most compelling long term story in sports and the way he has gone to another level this year is unbelievable.

Calling him aloof is ridiculous, sure he spends his locker room interviews talking about whatever the reporters want to ask him. I’d struggle to think of another basketball player more open than him tbh.


Maybe not aloof but certainly passive aggressive, cost the Cavs Kyrie


No one in the east can compete with them over 7. The blazers dropped one to Houston last week with harden and paul playing lights out and CJ and dame having a mare. We can take them.


Yeah but that’s a problem itself. A huge game at home against the top team in the league and they were bricky all night. Their ability in big games is a huge question mark that can’t be avoided in the playoffs. Their bench is really thin too.


Looks like the Fultz comeback is going well…


Yeah watching, they have left Denver for dead here in the 3rd


Ah here, theyve been exceptional in the run of wins, beat the cavs at home two weeks ago, beat a flying okc last night. They were due an off night. But they need nurkic to turn up without him they struggle, they will against a good big man both ends. Napier has gone quiet off the bench, galwayman pat connaughton is playing to his low ceiling but they are average there. 3-9 in the west are very even.