The NBA Thread


Aloof is the wrong word but his cockiness leaves a sour taste for me. Also the fact that the media indulge him constantly (saturation coverage of every dunk or tough shot) and the passive aggression as mentioned above make him out to be a bit of a prick.

He has had 8 trips to the finals already, including the last 7 in a row. Time for the next generation to step up.


:thinking: 10 points and 8 assists in 14 minutes on the floor


On 5-13 shooting inside, including 2-8 in the paint. Look at the release in that video above, it’s still fucked.


Warriors are completely fucked, out in first round of the playoffs. Every point scorer injured.



Really good interview with Ray Allen on him leaving the Celtics here @myboyblue. Thought he came across a little flakey


OKC and the Spurs tied here late in the fourth. Top spot in the west to play for.


Cavs have overhauled the Pelicans who led for most of the game, seven up in the fourth


OKC doing something similar v Denver


LBJ just showboating now



East No1 v East No 2 about to start. Lets go Celtics …no Kyrie


Raptors should win but anticipating be a cracker


No Tommy Heinsohn to Co commentate with Mike Gorman. More disapointing than no Kyrie.


Raptors up 55 to 53 at thge half. Never more than 5 in it. Demar DeRozan is unstoppable


Some great offensive play in this, the respective D’s aren’t even doing that bad


Boston bringing it in the 4th so far, Raptors draw level as I type, this is some game, getting physical now too


C’s go up 8 into final 4 minutes on the clock


Boston have this, fair fucks


All to play for in the East still