The NBA Thread


DeRozan ejected.
Edit oh no he wasn’t


Interesting night in the West.1/2 a game covering the Timberwolves, Thunder, Jazz and Pelicans in 5-8 places. Thunder and Pelicans going toe to toe and Timberwolves v Jazz later. Nuggets in 9th play Bucks later. Ideally either Pelicans or Timberwolves would fail to progress leaving either Davis or KAT with a desire to leave and join a potential winning franchise in Boston


What would Boston have to give up to acquire either of those two though? It would take a serious serious offer sheet. Either would be worth throwing the kitchen sink at mind.


At a minimum I would think
Horford (cap space)
Brown (talent)
Smart (up for resigning end of this year)
Tatum (talent)

Davis is tied into another 4 years in NO but may just decide he wants a trade if they fail to makfe the playoffs again.
Towns is a more likely get. He becomes a Restricted free agent next year however Timberwolves would need a real sweet deal to cash in on his own contract.


I can’t see them giving up Brown and Tatum. Especially not Brown, maybe Tatum and other stuff.


Its improbable but Danny Ainge would trade his mother if it made the team better. A lot of unknowns - Haywards health- Kyries knee- Smarts off court bust ups - Brown Tatum in playoffs. But a fit Hayward - Irving- Davis/ KAT would be a basis to have a run at a fit GSW.
Tonight the Celtics have their 4 point guards all out Irving- Smart- Rozier- Larkin against the Bucks. Kadeem Allen who I’d say has struggled to play 10mins all season starts. Rematch v the Raptors tomorrow. Raptors v the Cavs tonight.



Bye bye Boston.


The Processless 76ers are kicking the Cavs around the place. 65 to 37 and still 5 1/2 mins to play in the second Q.


Just done the Cavs to win by 1 or 2 points @ 50/1


It will take some colapse by Philly


If the Cavs show up in the third it can happen. They came from 16 down with 5 minutes to play the other night against the Wizards. They’ll need to get a handle on JJ Reddick though


The Cavs offense is fine. There is zero effort on defense. JJ Redick could stop for a smoke and still have time to shoot a 3 before someone comes to close him out


Cleveland within 7 after the 3rd


Down to 1, 12 seconds left


Final score, Philly 132 Cavs 130


They’ve been doing better without Kyrie.


Highlights, great game:


Think its fair to say Redick is the only non-European cracker that can play basketball.


It was brilliant, Cavs lost nothing in defeat and Philly are the coming team in the East,they were holding on for dear life at the end but they did where many would have crumbled, and this without Embiid. Lebron at his best he just missed the wrong free throw. JJ is a player for the ages