The NBA Thread


He is definitely better than a few of the European crackers. Saric and Belinelli ffs. :smile:

Still you’d have the likes of Dragic and Jokic ahead of him, even if they are worthless on defense. Markannen will be the king of the crackers soon enough.


The play at 1.07 in that highlights package :open_mouth:
Joe Canning-esque


Joe Ingles?


It’ll be interesting to see who gets burnt drafting Doncic high. The guy has zero pace and the footwork of a drunk. Barely shoots 30% from threes. Hezonja part two in the making.


Last night of the regular season tonight, with lots still to be decided.

The 3 seed is still up for grabs between the Sixers and Cavs. Sixers currently have the spot, but if they lose to the Bucks and Cavs take care of the Knicks then the Cavs will slot in there. It’s important not only in avoiding a sticky first round series against the Pacers, but the 3 seed will have a handy path to the conference finals with the shell version Celtics or the 7 seed waiting in the 2nd round.

The 6-7-8 spots are still undecided, with the Bucks, Heat and Wizards all capable of landing in each spot. The 7 seed is the one to aim for (1st round v Celtics) but trying to reverse into that spot with a loss is not an option as it could backfire and result in getting in the 8 seed and meeting the Raptors.

Three big head to head games here. The Nuggets face the Timberwolves, winner makes the playoffs and the losers seasin is over. Portland and Utah have a shootout for the 3 seed too, and Spurs/Pelicans winner has a shot at a home series in 1st round (depending on who loses the Portland game).

All the seedings bar the 1 and 2 are in play. OKC has a handy game against Memphis, if they win that they’re guaranteed to avoid Houston and GSW in the first round


Jokic got eaten alive by Gibson as Denver lose. Never trust a cracker.



Might be a sixers/rockets final.


Sixers and Portland would be unreal.


No chance, rockets are untouchable now. Still couldn’t look past the cavs but them and the raps then the sixers will be box office


Are you mildly retarded?


No need to get so upset cracker.


Just came across this there. Linsanity absolutely getting it from the Black Mamba at practice.


Playoffs about to tip off. If only Pop had Kawhi I’d fancy them to knock out the Warriors without Steph. KD is a great player but neither he nor Kris Thompson are natural leaders on the court. Still reckon Pop will have something up his sleeve tonight and fancy them to beat the 8 point spread.

Can’t wait to get the 1st round over and done with when shit starts getting real


Curry warming up, Kerr must be worried.


All the intensity of a league match in early February. Someone wake me up for the conference finals


Blazers gave the ball to a pair of crackers to try and win the game. They lost unsurprisingly.

Miami’s all star cracker was garbage as the sixers torched them.


Lillard cost Portland that game, were you even watching?


Ah right mate, the black lad was to blame, not the two crackers who got destroyed by Jrue or the cracker coach who put his two cracker lapdogs in for no reason whatsoever. :smile:


Look mate we all know the crackers are useless, but Lillard once again flopped in a big game. He was dogshite in the final quarter.