The NBA Thread


CJ was worse. That was a complete dumpster fire,both ends


Larry Bird is the greatest to ever play the game.


Only in an alternative universe in which Jordan, Kareem, Magic, LeBron, Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Hakeem, Chamberlain, Russell etc don’t exist.


What would you know about it you cracker.


Magic was so good he appeared twice there


He was certainly twice the player any cracker would ever be.


Why use terms like ‘cracker’ and ‘black lad’?


is cracker a white version of a nigger?


You haven’t a notion… Bird was voted ahead of Johnson on mvp list for nearly 10 years straight… Johnson was on a team of super stars, Bird carried the Celtics. Johnson was a great and had all the flash but no one competed like Bird, tho Jordan was very close.


Because he thinks he is black because he listens to rap… There are millions like him walking around with their pants around their knees calling people dog and homie. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic… What compounds things is that he’s a cracker, or whatever their term for it is, in Singapore.


You forgot to mention he’s from Cork which explains all that weirdness.


Because he’s a hard ass white boy from Cork living in the mean streets of Singapore. I wouldn’t fuck with this fella


He’d eat your whole family if you did.


I hear some of his his crew even have tattoos, seriously do not fuck with these guys


id say he’d pop a cap in your ass if you fucked with him


He drinks gin but not with tonic. He drinks it with juice, JUICE :open_mouth:


In fairness to @Turenne he is an internet legend for standing up for the oppressed blacks in America. While making his living in a country that flays the ass off blacks for dropping a cigarette butt on the street.


Not sure i agree with your belief in eternal racial supremacy here pal. i presume you are winding us up with the cracker stuff, well played


Celtics having venison for dinner. Up by double digits at the end of the first. Its on TNT for anyone with a link