The NBA Thread


:joy: Utter dogshite in the second. Celtics are rubbish without Kyrie.


Oh deer


Its like someone just hit a switch and they have gone ice-cold. Shane Larkin is poor. In reality he is 4th choice after Irving, Smart abd Rozier. The defense is still holding up just need to hit a few shots.


I also hear Giannis is actually pretty good too, crazy


And your point is? Giannis is an MPV candidate. The Celtics have lost their 2 star players to injury amd also two decent players (Smart and Theis). They have to go deeper into their roster and Larkin is getting minutes in the playoffs that ideally he shouldn’t. The Celtics will still beat this one man team


I was taking the piss out of your post, as if Larkin being shite was some revelation


He has been more than decent in the regular season and will turn around and be OK.


Middleton with a monster 3 at the buzzer




That wasn’t even a great look, sensational shot




We dug deep there… Smart should be back by end of series.


Cavs would want to wake up a little, 19 down after the first


Jumped on at 9/4 I/R


Gotta admire the pacers, teamwork effort no egos


Pacers proving a tough nut to crack but Cavs have it down to 8 heading into the final quarter, signs of JR Smith heating up


Cavs get there arse handed to them


Horrid shooting performance


Will someone tell OKC the game has started


Holy shit this cracker Rubio is terrible. Just pass the ball to Mitchell you bum. Ingles has been garbage as well.