The NBA Thread


They’re not. Won last night.


I know bro … I just wanted you to say. I know how much you hate them.


You should be a raptors fan




You base your patriots fanboyness on living in Nova Scotia?


Not living there per se … All they showed was New England sports on tv … New England was forced on me, brah.


How are my beloved Jazz getting on? :saxophone:


1-0 down to okc, playing tonight you mormon cunt


How convenient


I know. TBF I knew little of American sports when I landed … Tommy boy won his second ring that year.

I was a massive Sir Charles fan when a kid… I hated that cunt Jordan.




You heard me …

Sir Charles and Stockton were my guys




Double teams are par for the course if you’re at All Star level and not in a GSW jersey. He has to play around that. You’ll never have much hope of winning a series if your offensive lynchpin can’t drive the offense and shoot over 40%.

Blaming McCollum is bizarre, he’s an off-ball shooter and doesn’t direct the offense as the primary ball handler. His shooting was grand last night, if he performs as a scorer then how can he have been muck? Turner was obviously a disaster, but he’s a role player rather than major part of the offense. They should be able to live with a bricky night from him if they want to be contenders.


If your pg and primary ball handler is double and triple teamed then others have to do it, if mccolllum wont then napier or someone. CJ was supposed to be one half or arguably the best back court in the league, one average night shooting in a terrible few weeks of play doesn’t absolve him.


LeBron potting on a show in game 2 v The Pacers. 20 pts in the first Q. Oliadipo picked up 2 early fouls and they sat him out. Indiana look clueless without him


Sabonis and Bagdonovic are garbage, holy shit.


Gregg Popovich’s wife Erin passed away today.


You really epitomise the Cork weirdo stereotype


My thoughts with Pops at this tough time, a good guy.