The NBA Thread


Ok predictions
Toronto 4-1
Boston 4-2
Heat 4 -2

Rockets 4 -0
GSW 4-0
Pelicans 4-1
OKC 4- 3


San Antonio doing Pops proud for most of the first half, shooting letting them down and then Warriors went on a run before the break. Tough night for San Antonio fans, great effort from the team.


Sixers are beginning to look like a juggernaut, having Embiid in the lineup makes them so dynamic.


Unbelievable that Ty Lue thought that starting Jeff Green would be a good idea


Super game in Indy, tied with 8.30 left.




Fuck this is good, Testing times for Lebron


Bogdonavic with a pair of treys and an extra point - Pacers by 7. Lebron is mentally packing for the Lakers


That was an impressive 7 points from Bojan


Lebron is looking around - Korver and JR his go to outside shooters are cold. Love is mediocre tonight


Lebron basically telling his teammates to fuck off out of the way and he is taking this on his own,


And another big 3 from way out - not bad for a cracker


Don’t think Slavs meet @Turenne’s definition of a cracker.


Now that’s a cracker






Bucks off to a great start, playing very physical.
Detest these pretend Irish fucks, go Bucks.


Celtics rattled.


Chris Middleton is a hell of a basketball player.


Plenty needle in NO, second time already both teams have been sent to their respective benches and multiple technicals called. NOP with a 2 point lead at the half. Could see a brawl in the second half.